Dance & Fitness

Our wooden sprung floor dance studio is a light, bright space offering all ages and abilities the chance to dance, dance, dance!

Led by the local Encore Dance School, we have a comprehensive timetable of activities on offer including ballet, street, aerobics and much more for up to 30 dancers at a time. Check out the full timetable for more details.

Wondering if a certain class is the right fit? Find out more about each of our timetabled classes below or check out the benefits…

  • We use lots of props and songs and tell plenty of stories through dance. Not only is this a splendid, fun and great way of teaching the fundamental steps and positions of dance, it’s also good for your child’s cognitive, speech and language development!
  • Creating a solid foundation of dance steps and rhythm skills equips our tots with the skills they need to move on to ballet, tap, modern/street and hip hop.
  • Our classes build your child’s confidence. From parent-and-me-style classes to independent dancing in pre-school ballet.
  • Going to a dance class at such a youthful age adds to their development from multiple points of view.
  • This is in all probability their first dance class involvement, so we strive to make it an incredible experience for all.

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Opening Times

  • Monday to Friday

    9am to 10pm
  • Saturday

    9am to 6pm
  • Sunday

    10am to 6pm

Dance and Play

Ages 6 months – 4 years

By using fascinating props, instruments, bean bags and cheer poms combined with fun, energetic music, we take your little mover on a new dance experience every week. Our classes plan to motivate your tot's creative mind through movement, music and play. Each session comes with free admission to our Kids' Play area – a fabulous way to finish off your dance lesson!

Mini Cheer

Ages 6 months – 4 years

A fun-filled class exploring the basic techniques of Cheer Dance whilst boogieing along to music with our pom poms! We make sure your little one is active whilst creating a dynamic combination of cheerleading moves and stylish dance. The basic elements of gymnastics will also be covered in this session and poms are provided.

Ballet and Play

Ages 6 months – 4 years

Ballet class with a twist! Spend the sessions exploring the basic techniques of Ballet Dance, followed by time to play in our Kids' Play area. A 30-minute class for pre-schoolers containing ballet, tap and creative movement. Dancers will learn basic steps and terminology in ballet and tap and explore their own creative movement styles through the use of imaginative music and games in a safe, positive environment.

Mini Hip Hop / Street Dance

Ages 6 months – 4 years

Our Mini Hip Hop and Street Dance is a 30-minute movement and music class designed for little movers aged 6 months to 4 years and their grown-up. This class is the perfect introduction to music and movement for a very young child not ready to separate but ready to explore in a nurturing learning environment.


Available for all ages

Clubbercise® is a dance fitness class with easy to follow routines using rave glow sticks. It is choreographed to club anthems from the 90s as well as the latest chart hits. The workouts are designed with high and low impact options meaning it is adaptable for your specific fitness level. Our Clubbercise® classes are taught in a darkened room with disco lights and our trademark LED glow sticks set to a soundtrack of old and new club hits. A fusion of dance, toning and combat moves with high/low impact options for all fitness levels, one class burns around 600 calories.

Acro Tots/Acro

Available for all ages

AcroDance seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics. We follow the acrobatic arts syllabus, which is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling. Developed with input from professionals and experts in ballet, modern dance, jazz, contortion, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, sport acrobatics, yoga, acro yoga, pilates, physiotherapy, hand balancing and more.

Street Dance

Available for all ages

Street Dance is agile and amazing and will challenge your body. It is a freestyle dance and through the course you will discover a few distinct styles of Street Dance and develop to freestyle with certainty and energy. Street is a strong, popular style with elements of hip hop and jazz. You would mainly see this dance style on music videos and MTV. Routines will be danced to all the latest pop and chart music. Not only will you learn to strut your stuff like a pop star, the class is great for keeping fit, working with a team and gaining self-confidence!

Cheer Dance

Available for all ages

Cheerleading is an energetic blend of dance, jumps and performance. Learn all the basics of cheerleading, mainly focusing on cheers, motions, dance, jumps, kicks, leaps, formation work, basic stunting, tumbling and a combination of technical skills. All of these are incorporated into our dynamic dance and cheer routines with the use of pom-poms. This class is fun! You will work as part of a team and increase your flexibility, strength and balance!


Available for all ages

The contemporary dance technique offers a wider range than conventional dance styles. This style of dance often involves a great deal of playing with balance, floor work, fall and recovery and improvisation.

Showcase / Dance Team

All abilities - juniors up to 12 years with seniors aged 12+

Love to perform? This upbeat class teaches West End-style jazz choreography and show-stopping stage presence with a focus on learning song and dance numbers from a variety of musical productions; past and present. Showcase is a great class for aspiring West End stars.

Mix and Match

Available for all ages

Not sure which dance class to take part in? Why not try this class? Every week will be a different style! From Street Dance to Hip Hop. From Ballet to Contemporary. You name it and we will do it! A fun, high energy class that will keep you on your toes.

Ballet Courses

Mixed age groups

A structured, graded Ballet class which follows the ISTD dance syllabus. This 30-minute class is for pre-schoolers and contains ballet, tap and creative movement. Dancers will learn basic steps and terminology in ballet and tap and explore their own creative movement styles through the use of imaginative music and games in a safe, positive environment.